The Deep Dark Woods

The Deep Dark Woods - Hangin' Loose

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Digital download of The Deep Dark Woods' cover of Tucker Zimmerman's "Hangin' Loose" available now. Please find a note from the artist below. 


Tucker Zimmerman, like many songwriters across the years, didn’t receive the credit that he should have. A complete individual that never followed any of the trends or fads of the day. Thankfully because of being included in some compilation records and a reissue of his self-titled album from 1972, he is starting to become appreciated. A beautiful instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter. Thank you Mr. Zimmerman for all of the songs.

I hope you all enjoy our take of “Hangin’ Loose” from his 1977 album “Foot Tap”. It was recorded at my home in Nova Scotia, Geoff’s studio in Banff, and Clayton’s place in Saskatoon.