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Tanya Tagaq - “A New Generation” Print + Tongues North Star Remixes Vinyl

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“A New Generation” Print and "Tongues North Star Remixes" on neon coral vinyl. 

The "A New Generation" print is a reflection of Inuit women reclaiming generational strengths. It is a representation of our mothers carrying us in the womb, as well, ourselves carrying the next generation. It is a reflection of us, carrying a new generation that is absent of any experience of abuse. It is us, tending to the children that our grandmothers were, tending to the children that our mothers were, and who we were. It is us fiercely protecting our babies. For the centrepiece, I have used fish leather. This is located where the womb would carry a child.

About The Print Designer: My name is Natashia Allakariallak. I am an Inuk mother of two children based in Iqaluit, Nunavut. I have been making prints and jewellery since 2019. My work has been inspired by my culture and homeland. My artistic expression began as a healing outlet and continues to serve me this way. I have been very happy to share my work with others and feel happy that many others resonate with my creations.