T. Thomason

T. Thomason - Lovers in a Dangerous Time

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Thoughtful and true, T. Thomason’s songs shine through the darkness in the world. Since he began releasing music as a teenager, Halifax-based Thomason has been on a journey of discovery. Lead by curiosity as his way of being, Thomason approaches songwriting as a commitment to “say tough things tenderly,” a practice that reveals an impressive depth of wisdom, clarity and courage in the young artist. Thomason’s attentive, confident presence is felt in all aspects of his music, in songs that build from ballad to banger, in songs that balance confession, confrontation and resolution, in songs that lay it all bare. Highly recommended for sweet bbs in their truest colours, and specifically guaranteed for fans of MUNA, Maggie Rogers, Troye Sivan and Kim Petras.


Song Credits: 

Written by Bruce Cockburn
Produced by Cassie Mann, Joel Waddell, and T. Thomason
Produced by T. Thomason
Engineered by Cassie Mann, Joel Waddell and T. Thomason
Mixed and Mastered by T. Thomason
T. Thomason - Vocals
Cassie Mann - Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar
Max Trefler - Drums