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In For Eden, Boy Golden searches for the best of all possible worlds. Utopic and wistful, this journey is a continuation of his “follow your art” proselytizing that began with his Church of Better Daze debut. A counterpoint to 2023’s For Jimmy, For Eden is largely a work of solitude; recorded to cassette with an SM57 in a cabin in the woods. Recorded entirely to cassette, the album’s origins - analog and off-the-grid - speak to the more personal, self-reflective mood of the collection. While Boy Golden’s favourite mountain road makes a cameo, the album’s country waltzes, banjo and mandolin-laced acoustics glow softly under the light of a pink moon. From the gentle yet justified bravado of “Burn,” a sweetly boastful tune about his band’s excellence, to the tenor guitar pluck of “Three Scenes,” For Eden is the next chapter in Boy Golden’s journey. With songs like “The Way,” a folk song set in Amsterdam, the muted layers of “Never Have 2 Leave” a la Stranger in the Alps, and the starry-sky stillness of “Your Love (Where It’s At)”, Boy Golden continues his chill roll.

Six Shooter Records releases For Eden on July 19, 2024.

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For Eden Tracklist:
  1. Here To Stay
  2. Toyota
  3. Burn
  4. Mesmerized
  5. Boy
  6. Three Scenes
  7. The Way
  8. Never Have 2 Leave
  9. Your Love (Where It’s At)
  10. Untitled

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